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Music Equals

What does Music Equal? For the audience, music equals happiness and enjoyment. For instructors, music may equal pride and satisfaction. For inner city youth, music can equal hard work, achievement and success. The MCMA's Music Equals outreach programs ensure that students facing economic and social barriers can still play. It's amazing to see what young musicians can achieve through the magic of music! It's a great story, a fabulous song in the soundtrack of Winnipeg life.

Divided into three parts, the Music Equals Program brings music to the community — the Strings and Rock Program offers music instruction in the school setting, the Bursary Program brings disadvantaged youth into its own facility and the Concert Series shares the talents of students and the faculty with its neighbors.  The Conservatory is changing lives by taking music to the streets and schools of Winnipeg. 

What our Partners are saying:

"The physically largest young boy in our school never felt like he fit in; he always walked with his head down and never made eye contact. After participating in the music program he now walks with his head held high. He sees himself as an artist and someone who can accomplish things."       

“Most of our children have never been exposed to instruments such as the violin. Not only does the program provide exposure to a wonderful instrument and culture, but it provides a benefit to all our children involved.  Educationally, the benefit encourages music learning in the school, especially for those students that may be slightly academically challenged.  Personally and socially, the benefit encourages teamwork, respect and cooperation.  Musically the benefit helps keep students excited about music class with the hope that it extends outside of the classroom.“   

What our Students are saying:

"This class was awesome! The song makes me happy. I like the words. It was my first time standing on a stage, and I was feeling kind of shy, but the song really helped me through it. I want to perform on stage again and again!"

"I love the songs that I have learned. It is fun when you first learn a song and learn how to get through the problems. It was awesome to play for people."       

“I have a skill now. I have a hobby…I don’t just go and sit down and play videogames all day"

"I never knew I could play until I tried."



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