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Park People

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An independent charity that builds stronger communities by animating & improving parks, placing them at the heart of life in the city.

Park People


Park People helps people activate the power of parks in order to improve quality of life in cities across Canada.

 We believe that parks that are animated by ongoing community support are powerful spaces that foster meaningful social connections, while strengthening local economies, improving the local environment and supporting mental and physical health.

 We unite and support the work of park people across Canada including community park groups, park professionals, park champions, non-profit groups, municipalities and the philanthropic sector. Together, we work to ensure that all urban Canadians will be equitably served by active, animated, well-designed, and properly maintained parks that meet community needs as part of a well-funded park system.

 We do this in three ways:

 Canada-Wide Programs: Events and programs and access to funding, research and resources that strengthen work in city parks across

  1. City-Specific Programs and Projects: Programs and projects that reflect the local context and help strengthen work in specific city
  2. Fee for Service: Professional services to help clients understand and engage communities, create quality programming and apply governance and partnership models to create dynamic city parks in

 We engage with more than 850 community park groups in 46 cities. Since our founding in 2011, we have helped these groups undertake more than 3,000 events, attended by 275,000 people and supported by 23,000 volunteers. Thanks to our generous donors, we have directed investments of more than $6 million in parks and park programming. And we engage with 25,000 park enthusiasts in conversations about how we can work together to mobilize the power of parks.


401 Richmond Street West

Suite 119, City Builder's Lab

Toronto, ON, M5V 3A8

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