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Central African Republic


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Central African Republic

Fresh violence tears families away from their homes.

In one of the world’s poorest countries, fresh violence in the Central African Republic has brought death and destruction. The emergency is spreading to the region, which already hosts more than 630,000 Central African refugees.

Most refugees are fleeing to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, crossing river in canoes. They arrive exhausted, with few to no belongings.

To make matters worse, refugees arrive in very remote areas with scarce resources. Many people lack even the basics to survive. Communities hosting refugees are being stretched to breaking point. They urgently need water, shelter, food, access to health and adequate sanitation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases. Many also need psychosocial support to heal the trauma they have been through.

UNHCR teams are on the ground, registering new arrivals, delivering life-saving aid, protection and assistance to people who have fled their homes. But it’s not enough. Hundreds of thousands of people are still in need of support. We need your help to reach them.

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