Xara Choral Theatre

Registered Name: Xara Choral Theatre Society

Business Number: 808117683RR0001

Guild X

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2027

Guild X is a new way to be part of the Xara family and has been created in honour of our tenth anniversary. A guild is an association of people who come together for mutual aid in the pursuit of a common goal and historically were often groups of artisans. What better way to describe a group of people who are dedicated to the success of Xara's art! The X stands for Xara, as well as for ten (in roman numerals): ten years, ten dollars, or ten hours. It's an accessible way for people to become a more active part of the "Xara Love" and to help contribute to our sustainability as we move into our next ten years of artistry.

Choose a monthly donation of just ten dollars to become part of our Guild X family!  Or contact us at info@xara.ca to chat about becoming a Guild X volunteer!

$20 raised out of $1,000 goal

2.0% Complete
7 years, 4 months to go