Welcome to CanadaHelps!

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Welcome to CanadaHelps!

Since 2000, we’ve been serving donors and charities by providing a safe, easy-to-use, and affordable online donation and fundraising platform.

Created by three college students with an idea, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a lot of passion, CanadaHelps has grown to be an online giving destination of choice in Canada. With a spotless 13 year record of transparency and accountability, we’ve earned the trust of Canadians who rely on us as their one-stop-shop for giving to any registered charity, and all the causes they care about. We’ve raised nearly $400 million for charities of all sizes, in all categories, in every corner of this country.

Our Vital Role in Giving in Canada

CanadaHelps plays a critical role in the charitable sector by serving small to medium size charities. We provide online technology and fundraising tools at low, non-commercial rates – tools that many charities don’t have the resources to invest in on their own. This levels the playing field between charities of all sizes, ensuring smaller charities don’t fall behind. Not only do we help more than 14,000 charities and, by extension, the even greater number of clients they serve, we help hundreds of thousands of Canadians each year connect with causes they care about most.

The stories of the many charities we serve are as inspiring as they are diverse. From food banks and community agriculture programs, to health organizations and social services, to community foundations, arts organizations, hospices, animal protection, international aid organizations, or local places of worship; we serve and love them all.
We know the fundraising needs of charities continue to change which is why we’re committed to innovation. But we don’t stop with technology – we believe in building capacity within small to medium size charities through education. Our MyCharityConnects educational initiative offers training programs and webinars to charities to help them develop their fundraising, marketing, governance and technology skills. When we help charities raise more donations and become more efficient, charities change lives.

When I joined CanadaHelps in 2013, I was inspired by the passionate people behind so many charities who work tirelessly to make a difference in individual lives.  In my own life, I needed the services of a charity when illness struck. I am so immensely grateful that someone kept the door open for years so that my family and I could walk through when we needed it. And I am inspired by all of our donors – the Canadians who choose to give and share what they have to help keep the doors of so many charities open. We are humbled by your dedication and your support and I know that our choices today impact all of us and our children for decades to come.

Whether you’re new to using CanadaHelps, or a regular donor, we hope you’ll take the time to explore our site and learn all about the ways you can give back.


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Marina Glogovac

President & CEO

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