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Each year, more and more donors are choosing to give online and they expect charities to adopt internet best practices. One of these best practices includes making it simple and easy to make a donation online without too much effort needed on the donor’s part.

Simplify the donation experience by adding your Donate Now button to the top of every page of your site so it’s easy to spot at all times. You never know when the exact moment will be when a donor feels moved to make a donation. For best results, the Donate Now button should link directly to your donation form.

Get free Donate Now buttons. CanadaHelps offers Donate Now buttons to charities with a Full Fundraising Account.

  1. Log into your Charity Admin account
  2. Navigate to the Donate Now tab and then click Donate Now Link
  3. Choose the button you like and then copy and paste the code onto your site

It’s also good practice to embed your CanadaHelps Customizable Donation form directly on your mobile-optimized website so donors never have to leave it while making a donation. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website yet, you can still use a linked Customizable Donation Form.

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