NEW Benchmark Dashboards Now Available in Your Charity Account!

Charitable data and donor research have the power to positively transform your charity’s fundraising strategy. CanadaHelps provides your charity with benchmark dashboards in your charity account each month. This month, we’ve added a third report providing your charity with even more actionable data insights.

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About Your Benchmark Dashboards from CanadaHelps

Your Dashboard includes 3 reports that provide key information for tracking your fundraising program and identifying opportunities to grow its success. All reports provide your results for the month compared to last month and to the same month the previous year, as well as year-to-date results compared to the same period last year.

donor metrics

Donor Metrics

This report captures your donation results, including the number of donors, number of donations and donation amounts, and in addition to results for total donors, breaks results down by new versus repeat donors.



sector benchmarkSector Benchmarks – Donor Metrics

This report compares all key donation metrics provided in the Donor Metrics report to all Charities in Canada and charities in the same charitable category as your charity.





Sector Benchmarks – Revenue Source

This report breaks down your donations by donation source (e.g. one-time gifts, monthly gifts, P2P donations, etc.) and compares your donations by source to all charities in Canada and charities in the same charitable category as your charity.

View Your Charity Benchmark Report Now


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