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There were over 2 million visits to our direct site last year.
That’s 2 million opportunities for your charity to get discovered.

Discovery IPadCanadaHelps is pleased to offer a new discovery service for Canadians who choose to give to any registered Canadian charity on our direct site, Designed to increase giving, the service benefits both charities and donors.
For charities this free tool will help reach new donors — see below, get set-up in minutes!

How It Works: When a donor uses CanadaHelps, we will suggest additional charities on the charity search page, donation confirmation page, and the welcome page of a donor’s account. Donors will discover new charities based on their interests.

Please note, the discovery service is offered on our direct site only. It will never show on your Customizable Donation Forms, Peer-to-Peer pages, or Event pages.

Benefit Today: Set Your Discovery Settings in Minutes

Follow the below steps to get the most out of this service, and ensure your charity is suggested frequently.

All you need to do is:

  1. Ensure you’ve accurately set your primary category
  2. Add additional category and subcategories as appropriate to your work
  3. Set your scope of mission
  4. Add a discovery image and copy inspiring donors to learn about your charity

Login to your charity account, navigate to the Discovery Settings within the Profile tab. Once you are in Discovery Settings, you will see the screen below — and just follow the steps!

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