New Vital People Grant from the Toronto Foundation

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The Toronto Foundation is offering grants up to $5,000 to support ‘Vital People’ at registered charities located in the City of Toronto. Vital People are those who make exceptional contributions to their not-for-profit organizations and this grant supports the formal training or informal growth of these leaders during the 2016 calendar year. This can include classes, workshops, conferences, and the like, as well as non-traditional ways of learning, strengthening leadership skills, and applying experiences.

The ideal candidate for this position is someone at your organization who is an invaluable member of your staff because they go above and beyond their duties to further your charity’s mission. They are innovative and actively involved in the community, with a knack for collaboration and initiation.

The Toronto Foundation will accept one nominee per charity until 5pm EST on Wednesday, September 30th. You will need to include a detailed breakdown of how you wish to spend the grant. See the submission guidelines here.

For more information about this opportunity or to complete your application, please visit the Toronto Foundation website.

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