Thanking Your Donors is Now Easier than Ever

Thank YouSending donors a quick, personal thank you message is a wonderful and easy way to express your sincerest gratitude and explain concretely how the donation will help support your cause.  The thank you message is vital to creating and maintaining strong relationships with your donors.

CanadaHelps offers a Thank You tool in the Donations tab of your Charity Admin account for quickly and easily thanking your donors! You can use the Thank You Tool for every donation received through CanadaHelps that is not anonymous. It’s available for disbursed and undisbursed donations.


Thank Your Donors Right from Your CanadaHelps Account.  It’s easy! 

  1. Log into your charity account on CanadaHelps

  2. Go to the ‘Donations’ section

  3. Click the envelope next to each donation, write your message in the text box and click send. Your personalized message will be sent directly to your donor’s email inbox.


Not sure if you have already thanked a donor?

A faded envelope will appear next to the donors that you have already messaged. You can also view previously sent messages to your donors by clicking the envelope.

Thank You Screenshot








Don’t Forget to Keep Your Donors Updated!

The Thank You Tool is a great opportunity to remind your donors to follow your charity’s latest initiatives. Social media, website updates and email newsletters are only a few wonderful ways to keep donors updated on the latest news about your charity. Donors love to know how their contributions are making a difference!

Thank your donors today!

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