This February, expand your monthly donors!

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An excerpt from the CanadaHelps 2018 Fundraising Calendar. Download the full calendar here.

Monthly giving is an incredibly powerful way for you to kick-start your fundraising program’s earning potential. Cultivating relationships with donors who are already connected to your cause by asking them to make smaller, ongoing gifts means more money for your organization today, and a strong list of prospects for upgraded and larger gifts in the future. Monthly giving helps your organization attain predictable income and lower the number of fundraising requests you receive from donors, cutting back on administrative costs. This constant income stream means less worry about cash flow, and more focus on long term programming and initiatives. So what are you doing to nurture your one-time donors into monthly donors? If you’re ready to uncover the next great idea, we encourage you to download our free “Growing Your Monthly Donors” white paper!

Did You Know?

CanadaHelps offers Customizable Donation Forms that can be optimized for monthly donations and embedded right into your website. Learn more.

Awareness Days in February 2018:

February: Black History Month
February: Psychology Month
February 4: World Cancer Day
February 20: World Day of Social Justice
February 27: World NGO Day
February 28: International Rare Disease Day and Pink Shirt Day (Anti-Bullying)

For a full list of awareness days, click here.

Download the 2018 Fundraising Calendar

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