This July, get your website in tip-top shape for the holidays!

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An excerpt from the CanadaHelps 2018 Fundraising Calendar. Download the full calendar here.

It’s not too soon to start incorporating some online best practices in preparation for the end of year rush. Here are three simple and effective ways to optimize your website pages for donors:

  1. Make your Donate Now button easy to spot. Choose a colour that stands out from the rest of the page and place the button near the top so donors don’t have to scroll to find it.
  2. If possible, embed your donation form right on your website. If you use CanadaHelps Customizable Donation Forms, you can easily embed your donation form with a variety of exciting options like Multi-Step Forms and One Page Forms! Click here to learn more.
  3. From volunteering and donating, to hosting third party fundraisers and spreading the word, there are many ways to encourage your supporters to get involved in your cause. If you don’t already have a “How to Help” page, consider creating one so people can easily learn how to support you.

Did You Know?

Third Party Fundraising is becoming a very popular way for people to support the causes they love. Get ideas on how to inspire your supporters and make it easy for them to fundraise on your charity’s behalf. Download the white paper.

Awareness Days in July 2018:

July 15th: World Youth Skills Day
July 17th: 
World Day for International Justice
July 18th: 
Nelson Mandela International Day
July 28th:
World Hepatitis Day
July 30th: 
International Day of Friendship

For a full list of awareness days, click here.

Download the 2018 Fundraising Calendar

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