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Join the GivingTuesday movement!

GivingTuesday is taking place on December 2nd, following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a day for charities, businesses and individuals to get together, give back and support the causes they care about.

Calling all Charities!

Join us in helping to spread the word by watching this video and sharing it with your organization, supporters and social channels!


Calling all Canadians!

We are also calling out all Canadians to join the GivingTuesday movement! Help spread the word by watching these videos and sharing them with your organization, supporters and social channels.

“Find the thing that motivates you, you can give with your time, you can give with your money, you can give with your expertise. There’s no reason not to get involved, we all say we don’t have enough time. It’s all about priorities. Giving a little bit will give you back so much more than you will ever anticipate. So Canada, get involved. Join Giving Tuesday!” -Allyson Hewitt, MaRS Discovery District



Become an Official GivingTuesday Partner!

Visit and join the movement! Once registered, your charity’s logo will appear on the official GivingTuesday website where thousands of Canadians will visit to learn more and even donate to participating charities. It’s free and easy to sign up. Become an official partner today!

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