We’re Bringing New Innovations to both Charities and Canadians

TORONTO, ON – May 26, 2015 – With a focus on innovation, CanadaHelps – the country’s largest nonprofit platform for donating and fundraising online – is helping change the face of fundraising in Canada. The result? A more level charitable playing field where charities of all sizes have open access to the fundraising tools they need to succeed at an affordable, non-commercial rate without prohibitive up-front costs. It’s clear charities and donors are taking notice of what’s new at CanadaHelps as donations continue to rise at double-digit growth rates. Surpassing $500 million total donations since its launch, the organization is on track to facilitate $100 million this calendar year alone.

Building on its track record as one of Canada’s most trusted and successful charitable social enterprises, CanadaHelps developed an ambitious growth plan under the leadership of Marina Glogovac as the new President and CEO in May of 2013. With more than 20 years spent as a senior executive in media, eCommerce and consumer-tech industries, and as strategy consultant for numerous companies, Glogovac has built a strong leadership team at CanadaHelps that has brought a focus on technology and innovation to drive fundamental change across the online platform.

The recent innovations at CanadaHelps are part of the organization’s ongoing commitment to providing accessible and affordable online technology to both donors and charities to promote – and ultimately increase – charitable giving in Canada. Today, innovation in this area has never been more important as technology, digitization and data utility are becoming drivers of success in the charitable sector. CanadaHelps has also achieved accreditation from Imagine Canada’s Standards Program, and joins just over 100 charities in this group. This accreditation has further cemented the organization’s trust and reliability with both Canadian donors and charities alike.

“The charitable landscape in Canada is constantly evolving and there is increasing demand from both donors and charities for trustworthy online giving and fundraising options with low fees,” said Marina Glogovac, President and CEO, CanadaHelps. “This is the driving force behind CanadaHelps and our commitment to ongoing innovation. Our goal is to make it easy for Canadians to give to the causes that matter to them, and give charities of all sizes access to the technology and resources they need to succeed.”

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