Learn Key P2P Fundraising Strategies at the 2015 PeerToPeer Fundraising Canada Conference

On October 20th, the 2015 PeerToPeer Fundraising Canada Conference will take place at Arcadian Court and Loft in Toronto, Ontario. Charities, non-profit organizations, and sector leaders across the country will join to discuss peer-to-peer fundraising insights, best practices, trends and ideas to help fundraisers design more effective programs and raise more money.

There’s a reason why peer-to-peer fundraising is attracting the attention of millions of Canadians each year. Not only can it help your charity raise more money for your cause, but it can help you build stronger relationships with your supporters and give them a unique experience they’ll want to talk about.

Even if your organization is small with limited resources and staffing, you can still achieve big results with peer-to-peer fundraising. CEO Marina Glogovac and CMO Shannon Craig from CanadaHelps will be speaking at the conference on this important topic. They will share seven key strategies that will focus and stretch your resources and amplify the effectiveness of your peer-to-peer efforts.

If you’re thinking of launching your first peer-to-peer fundraising event, do your research in advance and learn from those who have had successful results.

Interested in attending the conference? Email us at charitylife@canadahelps.org and we’ll be happy to provide you with a code to save $50 off conference registration!

Learn more about the conference.

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