Inspire Your Supporters to Donate Gifts of Securities and Mutual Funds to Your Charity

With CanadaHelps, it’s easy for your charity to receive gifts of securities and mutual funds. Simply add our Donate Securities button to your website, enabling your supporters to donate gifts of securities and mutual funds to your charity. CanadaHelps will facilitate the sale of the gift, issue a charitable tax receipt, and transfer the proceeds right into your charity’s bank account.



Donate Securities ButtonsGrab Attention with Donate Securities Buttons

Add a Donate Securities button to your website to encourage and educate your supporters about gifts of securities. Clicking Donate Securities will prompt visitors to your site to complete the steps to make a donation of securities or mutual funds to your organization.

Best of all?  When a Canadian gives a gift of a security or mutual fund that’s increased in value since its purchase, they avoid the capital gains tax. This means your charity receives a larger gift, and your donor benefits from a tax receipt for the full value of the security or mutual funds.


Adding a Donate Securities Button is Easy!

In just a few easy steps, you can add a Donate Securities  button to your website.  Simply:

  1. Log into your CanadaHelps charity account and click the Donate Now tab. Only charities with a Full Fundraising Account have access to this.
  2. Click “Donate Securities Link” at the top and select the Donate Securities button of your choice. You’ll find an array of attention grabbing colours to choose from!
  3. Copy the HTML code that appears at the bottom of the page and paste it onto your website. That’s it.


Educate Your Donors on the Advantages of Securities And Mutual Fund Donations 

A donation of securities or mutual fund shares is the most efficient way to give charitably. CanadaHelps is the largest processor of online security and mutual fund donations in Canada. By donating shares directly, your donors save on taxes while ultimately giving more to your charity.

Use these downloadable resources to educate your supporters on the benefits of donating securities – they save more, and give more!


Ready to get started?

If you already have a CanadaHelps Donate Now Account, get your Donate Securities button today! If not, sign-up today.