(Last updated: May 17 2022)

CanadaHelps only accepts bitcoin or ether cryptocurrency. Only pledges meeting the minimum donation amount of $100 will be accepted.

CanadaHelps is not responsible for any transaction fees associated with sending cryptocurrencies to CanadaHelps.

CanadaHelps does not retain cryptocurrency in our possession: we sell all received cryptocurrencies immediately or in as timely a manner as possible.

CanadaHelps is not responsible or liable for fluctuations in the value of a cryptocurrency while in our possession.

CanadaHelps does not receive or act upon unsolicited instructions from third parties in terms of holding or selling cryptocurrencies. CanadaHelps is not liable for any losses induced by mistyped or otherwise wrongly placed transaction orders.

Valuation of cryptocurrencies for tax receipt purposes will be determined by the exchange rate with CAD for the donated cryptocurrency at the time the cryptocurrency is sold by CanadaHelps. If a cryptocurrency increases or decreases in value between when you donate and when we sell it, your donation receipt will reflect the price at the time sold. Donors accept the risk of price fluctuations that occur prior to the point of sale.

CanadaHelps reserves the right at all times to refuse to process any cryptocurrency donation made, or attempted to be made, for any reason, including:

  • to prevent reputational risks associated with the transaction or with the donor;
  • if required by applicable law, any court order, or the request of any governmental authority;
  • for financial crime purposes;
  • for safety, security and fraud prevention purposes; or
  • to preserve the integrity of our computer systems.