A Year in Review: Together we made an impact with Canadian Charities in 2023

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As we are close to bidding farewell to 2023, let’s celebrate the spirit of giving that has defined this year! Our team at CanadaHelps, has unveiled its Year-End Report Card, and the results are nothing short of inspiring. 🎁✨

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Key Trends We’ve Noticed on How Canadians Give

Picture this: in a year that has tested our collective resilience, Canadians have stepped up to the plate with a whopping $318 million in donations on CanadaHelps.org as of December 3, 2023. With a -2% dip from last year due to the increasing impacts of inflation. This year, we noticed two key trends: Canadians opting for Subscription-based giving and securities donations more than ever in 2023.

Imagine managing your charity contributions with the same convenience as your Netflix subscriptions, making it easy to streamline your budgeting process and make a positive impact more efficiently. Monthly giving, has surged by 11% year-over-year, hitting $39.5 million to charities across Canada. Pattie Lovett-Reid, a financial expert and CanadaHelps brand ambassador, rightly points out that this isn’t just generosity; it’s strategic giving. Monthly donations allow us to budget our charity love throughout the year, ensuring sustained support for the causes we hold dear.

And let’s not forget – securities donations! The donation proceeds from this giving tactic skyrocketed by 26%, proving once and for all that doing good can also be financially savvy. Saving you capital gains tax, while doing good for causes that matter to you.

Unveiling Canada’s Most Generous City in 2023

As of November 30th, Centre Wellington, Ontario, is Canada’s Most Generous City! A standing ovation for this community where 6.11% of the population, amidst 31,000, embraced the power of giving. Collingwood, St. John’s, Fort Erie, and Whitehorse, all followed closely behind as Canada’s Most Generous Cities.

18 Days Left in 2023 – Where Do Canadians Go From Here?

This year especially, we’ve seen an increase in how much Canadians collectively donated AND a steep increase in the number of Canadians turning to charities for essential services.

Duke Chang, Our President and Chief Executive Officer at CanadaHelps, highlights the challenge of this situation citing, “where more Canadians are turning to charitable services, nearly two in ten are contemplating giving less due to the same high cost of living issue.” There is a growing gap in charities being able to sustain the demand for their services. While some Canadians need to pair back on their donation budgets, we encourage those who have the ability to do so, to consider generously supporting causes that they care about. Especially with a rising number of Canadians turning to charitable services.
Now, here comes the part where we turn the spotlight on YOU – the everyday heroes who can make a difference. In the spirit of the season, CanadaHelps continues to highlight “12 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season”. It’s not just about dollars; it’s about creativity, joy, and making a positive impact. Charity Gift Cards, Launching a Fundraiser, Monthly Giving – there’s a whole sleigh🛷 of options to choose from.

So, let’s spread joy, open our hearts, and embrace the holiday spirit. Happy giving, Canada!


Which of these insights did you find most surprising?

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*Note: This blog has been updated! We previously listed our 2022 Report Card Here and have updated the content to showcase results for the year 2023.

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