Charities Called. Canadians Answered. The Great Canadian Giving Challenge was a Success!

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After 30 days of generous giving from Canadians across the country, the results of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge are in – and it’s safe to say the first annual event was a sweeping success!

As many charities know all too well, summer months often mean a rise in temperature, and a dip in donations.  With the inaugural launch of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge this past June, we got Canadians giving during a seasonally low time of year; all in hopes of securing the $10,000 grand prize for their favourite charity. Because of that, we saw a significant boost in charitable giving throughout the month of June.

To show you how great of an impact you made, we want to share the results with you and all other Canadians who stood up and supported thousands of causes across the country.

The Impact

Blog Number Results

Blog Percentage Results


Top 5 Canadian cities who gave the most in support of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge: 

  1. Toronto
  2. Calgary
  3. Ottawa
  4. Vancouver
  5. Regina



From Twitter to Facebook, and even YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram – the Internet was abuzz with excitement all in the name of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Over the entire month of June, we saw charities, corporations, and generous Canadians rise to the challenge, and not only give generously, but also join the conversation online and inspire charitable giving from coast, to coast, to coast all by using the hashtag #GivingChallengeCA.

Blog Twitter Results


From charities, we heard countless stories explaining the impact they could make with a $10,000 donation.



We also heard amazing stories of generosity and kindness from charities who received donations all in the spirit of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. 

Twitter thanks from charities


We even saw the private sector involved in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

From major corporations to small businesses, the Great Canadian Giving Challenge inspired corporate social responsibility in for-profit players.

Air Tweet

Private tweet

Most importantly, we saw generous Canadians rise to the challenge!

Canadians actively spread the word and shared with their networks the causes they were supporting during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.


And the winner is…

After a month of generous giving across the country, it could not have been more fitting for us to select the winner of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge on the 148th birthday of our great nation. On July 1st, 2015 we randomly selected the Baptist General Conference of Canada (BGCC) as the lucky winner of the first annual Great Canadian Giving Challenge. The winning charity was elated to learn that they will receive the $10,000 donation from the GIV3 Foundation.

“I am still surprised and amazed at the blessing of BGCC being chosen as the winner for the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.  As a charity it is always challenging to raise funds.  We have many great projects and missionaries who work in lower income communities around the world that would greatly benefit from this gift. We will pray about where these funds would be best used.  BGCC is grateful to CanadaHelps and the GIV3 Foundation for this great initiative.” Laurel, Financial Administrator, BGCC

Stay tuned for more information on the winning charity in the coming weeks, and keep an eye out for the Great Canadian Giving Challenge coming back again next year.

We can’t wait to see how Canadians will rise to the challenge once again!

To learn more about the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, visit


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