Crisis Relief Centre Activated for Balkan Floods

Please consider making a donation to relief efforts by visiting our Crisis Relief Centre.


Photo via Global Medic (@globalmedicdmgf) on Twitter

About the Balkan Flooding

The past two weeks has seen severe flooding in the Balkans, including: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. This flooding is the result of the heaviest rains in more than a century. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected, and lives have been lost. Right now, over 70,000 people are displaced, and 50 people are confirmed dead with the death toll expected to rise as waters recede.

Critical infrastructure including roads and electricity are affected, and some areas are now facing dangerous landslides. Clean drinking water, food, tents and medical supplies are critically needed.

In times of crisis such as this, Canadians can rely on the CanadaHelps Crisis Relief Centre as a destination to identify registered charities providing relief efforts and to safely and securely donate to enable their work. To donate to Balkan flood relief efforts, please visit the website now.

About the CanadaHelps Crisis Relief Centre

The CanadaHelps Crisis Relief Centre is a central destination for supporting registered charities providing relief in the region. The site provides a safe, curated list of registered Canadian Charities – large and small – that are providing relief in a variety of ways. Some are on the ground providing direct relief, while other charities are supporting relief through fundraising efforts and long-term aid.

“In times of such catastrophic crisis Canadians are compelled to help, but often find it difficult to identify the organizations that are best positioned to meet urgent humanitarian needs. The CanadaHelps Crisis Relief Centre simplifies this process,” said Marina Glogovac, CEO of CanadaHelps.

Canadians can easily and securely donate online directly to any of these charitable efforts with confidence that their funds are going to the right place.

If you represent a registered Canadian charity providing relief, but not currently listed on the site, please contact us and we will update the site.

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Photo credit: EC/ECHO/EEAS/EU Delegation BiH



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