Renew the Good: How You Can Help Impacted Goodwill Toronto Employees

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Goodwill Campaign

Many CanadaHelps donors and supporters have contacted us asking if there is anything they can do to help Goodwill Toronto employees who just this week lost their jobs. Working Women’s Community Centre in collaboration with former Goodwill employees has launched the Renew the Good campaign providing the opportunity for Canadians to help.

For Canadians interested, a message from former Goodwill employees follows:

Goodwill’s mandate is to help people overcome barriers to accessing training and work opportunities – which in many cases meant providing employment for people with physical and developmental disabilities. As a result of the sudden closure, many former staff and program participants are now in financial crisis. In some cases, both working members of a household were employed by Goodwill and are now in a situation with no income at all.

Since the closure former have volunteered around the clock to reach and check in on everyone affected. Without anyone staff payroll cannot be issued, ROE cannot be issued and EI claims cannot be processed. We need your help in providing basic needs for our most vulnerable.

We are working to get emergency assistance for food, medication and rental assistance. You can help by donating now. With $100,000 we will provide our most vulnerable with emergency grocery gift cards, assistance with securing prescriptions (as benefits are now cut) and help with maintaining housing.

Thank you so much for you assistance. Your contribution will provide safety and security to hundreds in need. For years they have taken care of your precious donations and saved them from landfill, connected youth, newcomers and people with disabilities to jobs in community. Help us now take care of them.

Team Renew the Good

(former Goodwill employees)

If you would like to learn more about the Renew the Good campaign, please visit the campaign page now>>>

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