A Student Movement of ‘Enernerds’ Out to Change the World

Charity Spotlight: This post was provided by Jenni Matchett, Energy Literacy Manager at Student Energy, as part of our ongoing charity spotlight series.


Student Energy is transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future.

Head-quartered in Calgary, Alberta, Student Energy represents the largest, student-driven energy organization in the world that takes a balanced position on energy topics.  The grassroots movement began in June of 2009 with Student Energy’s first pinnacle event – The International Student Energy Summit (ISES)– and has since grown to 31,000+ followers in almost 80 countries.

At Student Energy we educate, inspire and unite the next generation of energy leaders. We push students to dive deeper, think critically, and learn about the complexities and opportunities in the world of energy.

We activate our community of global students through a portfolio of events, programs, and partnerships. With four full-time staff, we are working to bring to life several incredible initiatives.

Some highlights from our programming:

Regional Summits – The Regional Summits take the purpose, format and passion of ISES and implement them in a regional format in the ISES off-year (2014, 2016 etc.). Not only does this make attending a Student Energy event more accessible, it allows students to move between the macro, global energy conversation and the micro, regional and local energy conversation. For 2014, the host locations will be:

New York City, USA; Mexico City, Mexico; Aberdeen, Scotland;Cape Town, South Africa; andBeijing, China.

Energy Literacy Platform – The current approach to educating the millennial generation on complex energy topics is ineffective.  Student Energy is building the first ever highly engaging Global Energy Literacy Platform designed to tackle the two biggest challenges in energy education, 1) out-dated content formats and 2) biased presentation. The world needs to approach energy education in an interesting, exciting and most of all, unbiased manner. This project is mid-development and the first phase will launch in June of 2014 with over 75 initial topic pages.

Over the next five years, we will continue to scale and continue to reach millions of students around the globe. Our youth-driven movement is incredibly passionate about a progressive energy future and Student Energy will continue to provide the platform to activate that passion into tangible action. To us, the future looks bright.

Student Energy is a global nonprofit that is creating the next generation of energy leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable future. To learn more, visit their Charity Profile >>

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