Canada’s Unsung Heroes: The Reactivator

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Each year in Canada, millions of workers and volunteers make sacrifices in order to live, breathe and work for change, without expecting anything in return. At CharityVillage, we call these people Unsung Heroes and we feel, it’s about time to sing their praises!

We’re proud to introduce you to The Reactivator

Meet Shannon Tessier – “The Reactivator”

Shannon Tessier is already giving back to society with her groundbreaking research into suspended animation – a biological process that has huge possibilities for the medical community. But Shannon’s dedication to helping others doesn’t stop there – in 2007 this biochemistry PhD and Harvard Research fellow founded the Chance Foundation, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the well-being of underprivileged kids in Ottawa and around the world. Their most recent project was the restoration of Bingham Park, an inner-city green space that had fallen into deep decline. Shannon and her team, in partnership with the Lowertown Community Association, played a critical role in turning this ‘Needle Park’ into a valuable community space where children can safely swim and play.

Reaching beyond the Canadian border

The Chance Foundation’s generosity isn’t limited by geography or borders. In addition to supporting projects in their own backyard, the organization also works hard to help children in communities around the world. One of their current projects is the rebuilding of a Haitian orphanage where children orphaned and left homeless by the 2010 earthquake were living in deplorable conditions. Working with retired RCMP and UN peacekeepers who are in Haiti to help with the rebuilding efforts, the Chance Foundation is giving these children a comfortable home and a solid foundation for the future.

“It’s a new beginning for them, a new life,” says Shannon. “This is what drives me to keep going for these projects.” Sparking new life – this is Shannon’s special talent as The Reactivator. Join us in celebrating this most deserving Unsung Hero.

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