Children Creating a Culture of Peace through Art and Performance

Charity Spotlight: This post was provided by Fabiha Tasneem, Summer Events Coordinator, Children’s Peace Theatre, as part of our ongoing charity spotlight series.

Peace Camp

Never heard of Children’s Peace Theatre? Here’s a mini introduction…

Children’s Peace Theatre (CPT) is an award-winning community arts organization in Toronto. Our work began with a small group of volunteers and artists who devoted their time and talents to engage children and youth to promote a Culture of Peace through the practice of theatre and art.  Today, CPT operates year-round and offers numerous theatre and arts programs and projects for young people in our community including a three-week summer theatre camp, after-school programs, youth leadership projects, in-school workshops and youth-led initiatives. Our work is based on the belief that conflict is inevitable, but peace is possible when people face conflict with courage, compassion and creativity.

Peace Camp Collage

July, July, July!

July is one of the most exciting and busiest times here at CPT. This month, we launch our 14th annual Peace Camp Summer Theatre Production. Peace Camp is a collaborative theatre program that brings together an exploration of relevant social issues and themes and invites young people to examine and question the world around them, thoughtfully and creatively.

For three weeks, a diverse team of talented professional artists and youth guides will work with Peace Camp participants, ages 8-13, in a collaborative artistic process to create an original theatrical production complete with original musical score and visual art pieces. No small feat for three weeks of work but the team always manages to pull together an incredible show.

White Noise

The theme for this year’s camp is media and its impact on our everyday lives. This year’s production will ask: “What stories are being told?  Whose stories are not being told? What are the loudest and most pervasive messages young people are receiving today, and how does this impact their ideas about the world and their sense of self?” With the guidance from artists, the children and youth will explore these questions and present to the audience an entertaining theatrical performance and engage them in a thought provoking dialogue. No doubt that it will be both provocative and delightful!

In the Toronto area?

Join the Children’s Peace Camp to witness the passion, the dedication, and the commitment that resides within younger generation as they strive to create a culture of peace at their Gala Performance July 24th through 26th

White Noise Poster


To learn more about Children’s Peace Theatre, visit their charity profile page>>>

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