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The arts, especially small performing arts groups, are part of the vitality of neighbourhoods, and part of the lifeblood of our diverse cultures. While blockbuster stage performances may provide great entertainment, Canada has hundreds of small performing arts organizations that promote and nurture excellence in dance, music, theatre, film, and visual arts in cities and towns right across the country. They celebrate Canada’s diverse communities and identities, while often entertaining and amazing us.

How charities are providing artists across Canada with a creative outlet

These charities are theatres, dance companies, choruses, orchestras, music festivals and more. They make space for marginalized voices, unique perspectives, experimental styles, community building, education, and joy. They are run by dedicated teams of staff and volunteers.

Arts charities also support and teach arts to children and youth, including children’s choirs, music programs, and musical theatre. Often, there’s no other way for a child to learn an instrument, learn how to perform in front of an audience, or learn how to dance, outside of hiring a private teacher. Some of these charitable groups focus on specific school boards, French-language arts, Indigenous youth, foreign-language groups, or vulnerable or at-risk youth who heal, laugh and learn during arts programs.

From A capella groups to orchestras, from children’s choirs to music festivals, imagine a country without these small performing arts groups. Now, imagine them flourishing.

You can help theatres, choirs and performing arts centres flourish

A vibrant arts sector in Canada is part of our Canadian identity, and charities across Canada are enriching our lives through performing arts each day. To support the small charities dedicated to bringing performing arts to Canadians, CanadaHelps has created the Performing Arts in the Spotlight Fund which enables Canadians passionate about the arts to support more than 430 charities in a single transaction. Gifts made to this Fund are pooled together to achieve wide-reaching impact and to help Canadian charities continue their important work.

Learn more about this Fund now, and how you can ensure the show will go on. >>

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