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When Marie Dyck first met Dr. Obiajunwa and heard about his charity, Africa We Care, Marie knew she wanted to help. Now a volunteer and a dedicated supporter of the organization, Marie is raising funds to help ship medical equipment to people in Africa. This is Marie’s giving story.

Africa We Care

I remember the day I first met Dr. Obiajunwa. I had a question about Africa, and he struck me as someone whom I could trust to provide some insight, which he did. That was about 15 years ago, the beginning of me getting to know Dr. Obiajunwa, and the beginning of my involvement in Africa We Care.

In 1998, a business assignment brought him to East Africa where Dr. Obiajunwa was shocked with what he witnessed and knew he needed to help. In his words, “There I came face-to-face with starving, skeleton-like people; fly-infested, disease-riddled, parched, and dying of thirst. I saw poverty in its most brutish, unforgiving form. I was horrified; I was a haunted man. I felt strongly that I must do something to alleviate the suffering and sheer human misery. I believe very firmly that there must be a better way to resolving the human tragedy in Africa. Hence, Africa We Care!”

Dr. Obiajunwa
Dr. Obiajunwa seen in left image.

I personally have seen Dr. Obiajunwa agonize over the suffering he has seen. I have seen him sacrifice himself physically, emotionally and financially to work towards the mission that has become “Africa We Care”.  This man truly embodies the essence of dedicated humanitarian service to the people of Africa.

Africa We Care

Over the years, Africa We Care has taken on various projects that aim to “alleviate the suffering of the impoverished people of Africa by providing the basic necessities like clean water, and medicines; facilitate access to education; offer assistance to HIV/AIDS victims and their care-givers.” However, Dr. Obiajunwa believes that the alleviation of suffering ought not be an end in itself; but rather a means to an end. Africa We Care believes in solutions based on empowerment. By seeking to empower the impoverished people of Africa, Africa We Care enables people and communities to unleash the innate resources and capabilities that make change possible to transforms their lives for the better.

Of all the difficulties that affect Africa today, the impoverished healthcare system is the root cause behind the frequent occurrences of epidemics such as Ebola, polio, typhoid, and malaria that continues to ravage Africa today. Routinely and needlessly, men, women, and children still die of the most easily preventable and curable of illnesses and diseases such as fever, headache, and diarrhea.

Africa We Care is dedicated to the alleviation of suffering in Africa, and we have embarked on working to address this issue. Recently, Africa We Care identified the Digoe Clinic in Owerri, Nigeria, as a clinic where the right medical equipment, instruments, and supplies can help aid in the battle to cure the most preventable and curable diseases and illnesses. Because of this, Africa We Care has made a commitment to renovate, revamp, and re-equip the clinic that is run by a husband and wife team who work selflessly to help others each and every day.

Africa We Care

Here in Canada, Africa We Care has received medical equipment, furnishings, and medicines mostly from the Gibeault family of Morinville, Alberta to fill several sea shipping containers. These containers, filled with life-saving supplies, are ready to be shipped to Africa.

As a friend of Dr. Obiajunwa, and a volunteer at Africa We Care, I began looking for ways to help raise funds to enable Africa We Care fund the estimated $30,000 in shipping costs to send the medical equipment and supplies to Nigeria. About a year ago I came across CanadaHelps, and have been using some of the amazing tools they offer to assist charitable organizations including Africa We Care who rely on volunteers to do their work. Recently I started a campaign called Action for Africa to raise funds towards the shipment costs of medical equipment to help with the cost of shipment, and it is through these efforts that we can work to help those in Africa suffering from unimaginable illness and disease.

Africa We Care

To learn more about the Africa We Care, visit their Charity Profile Page. To learn more about Marie’s Action for Africa fundraiser, visit Marie’s Fundraising Page >>

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