A Whole New Way of Giving, Without Opening Your Pocket Book!


Do you have a website?  Are you an avid blogger?  Or, do you have friends you know that do?  CanadaHelps brings you a whole new way of getting charitable. With the launch of our new Affiliate Program, CanadaHelps brings you a whole new way of giving, that couldn’t be easier.

By signing up and including our Affiliate banners on your website – all of which is easy to do and entirely free to join, you lend your online audience to help us work towards our charitable mission: to increase charitable giving in Canada.  As a registered Canadian charity ourselves, CanadaHelps strives to support and promote charitable giving, and by joining us as an Affiliate, you join our mission to support thousands of worthy charitable causes making a difference across the country and around the world.

Our online Affiliate Program acts as a gateway to a world of charitable giving which is used to invite your online visitors to discover, donate, or fundraise for a worthy charitable cause of their choice.  But not only do our badges come in a variety of campaigns tied to key holidays, humanitarian crisis, events, and ways to give, our Affiliate Program also provides your site with invaluable added benefits.

Our Value

Our Affiliates not only have the capacity to inspire charitable giving, they are also able to reap added benefits through their participation.

As consumers are increasingly socially conscious, involvement in our Affiliate Program will demonstrate your compassion for giving back as a global citizen, and will make you standout in an equally competitive online landscape while building visitor affinity for your brand. Your online audience will know you care when they see our badge on your website, providing them with easy access to an endless database of registered Canadian charities to encourage them to donate to a worthy cause.  But as a CanadaHelps Affiliate, you won’t just promote charitable giving, you will also know the impact you made.

Our program allows our Affiliates to have easy access to a detailed report listing donations made by online traffic referred from their website.  Such information not only provides our Affiliates with valuable information outlining what charitable causes are of interest to their online audience, such information also provides our Affiliates with the opportunity to share the amount raised based on their promotional efforts and Affiliation – another opportunity to promote corporate social responsibility!

It’s easy, it’s beneficial and it’s free, so what are you waiting for? Join today!

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