400 Million Thank Yous!

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Today, CanadaHelps reached an incredible milestone: $400 million in donations processed through our site! Those donations, your donations, have gone to the tens of thousands of charities right across the country that work tirelessly, often without recognition, to make the world a better place. These organizations are the backbone of our country, and their work touches us all – even if we’re not always aware of it.

We’ve come a long way since we launched in 2000, processing $150,000 in donations that year. Since then, we’ve partnered with more than 14,600 charities and connected nearly one million Canadians with causes they’re passionate about. And, we’ve done it all with our self-funded registered charity model where overall just 1.8% of donation revenues goes to CanadaHelps and is invested back in our platform. To be at this point, and to look back at the incredible work we’ve done so far, only makes me inspired to do more.

Our growth allows us to put more focus on helping charities in new ways. Now, more than ever, charities need to adapt to the changing landscape of giving.

  • Over the past year, we’ve enhanced our online donation platform to provide charities a greater level of flexibility, customization and control over the donation process.
  • Our charity training program is transforming from a webinar series, to a full educational series – a truly unique offering in this country that will help small and medium sized charities access resources they could otherwise never afford.
  • And, given that more and more giving is done online through crowdfunding and personal fundraising platforms, we’ll soon be unveiling updated tools that will help charities participate in this trend without spending their precious dollars on for-profit tools.

We’re so excited to take on these challenges, and do what it takes to help charities succeed and further our charitable mission. There are so many important initiatives we can continue to invest in that will help small and medium-sized charities flourish, and strengthen the charitable sector.

We love all our charities and our donors and we’re so grateful that you choose to give your time and money to make our world stronger. Your donation dollars have a big impact; we see it every day.

Thank you!


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