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Marina’s Picks is a regular feature from CanadaHelps President and CEO, Marina Glogovac, highlighting some of the many charities she is personally passionate about. As a champion for smaller charities, Marina wants to help fellow Canadians discover some of the lesser known organizations that are working to make our communities better.

I have had a lifelong passion for writing. I studied literature and literary theory in university, and was planning to become a book critic and an author myself! Life had other plans for me and, though I did not become an author, I was lucky to eventually become the publisher of some of the most editorially awarded magazines in my new country of Canada. Few people know that I also occasionally wrote for Quill and Quire – Canada’s essential magazine of book news and reviews. My passion for critical, independent, and thoughtful journalism has never waned, and I believe that its importance is now greater than ever before — for us in Canada and around the world. I know how hard it is for magazines with this mandate to survive in the era of disinformation and diminishing public and intellectual discourse, which is why my first Pick is the Literary Review of Canada.

For nearly thirty years, the Literary Review of Canada has prided itself on being a journal of ideas—an indispensable platform for politically, intellectually, and culturally engaged discussions. This is where the country’s best writers, thinkers, and artists come to take a stand on topics that matter. It’s where someone like Victor Rabinovitch can make the case for Canadian publishing (“Balance the Books,” May 2020) or where Gayatri Kumar can bravely critique a recent bestseller (“Leanings,” June 2020). It’s where thinkers like Bruce Ward and Graham Fraser can review titles coming out of Quebec that are not yet translated into English (“Separation Anxiety,” April 2019; “The Acadian,” March 2020). And it’s where Canadian writers from around the world have shared in recent months a unique and thoughtful picture of the pandemic.

Published by the Literary Review of Canada Charitable Organization, the Literary Review of Canada comes out ten times a year in print and online. At a time when books coverage is shrinking dramatically, and in a world where Canadian publications are often overshadowed by American and British titles, it is an invaluable source of long-form reviews and commentary that reflect this country.

I encourage you to check out and support this vital Canadian publication and important smaller charity. Learn more about the Literary Review of Canada on their website, or make a gift through their CanadaHelps Charity Profile.



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