Where can I find my charity’s Impact Page? How can donors access it?

To view or update your charity’s Impact Page, log into your CanadaHelps charity account and click “Impact Page” in the “Profile” area of your account.
Donors can view your charity’s Impact Page when they visit CanadaHelps.org and search or discover your charity. When they land on your charity’s free profile on CanadaHelps.org, they can view the Canada Revenue Agency data by clicking “Our Impact” on your charity’s profile.

Why is my charity’s Impact Page important?

More and more, donors want to know the tangible impact their donations will have. Your charity’s Impact Page will help you visually illustrate the impact of your charity’s work. Put your best foot forward and attract new donors by keeping your page up to date.

Can I remove or update the Canada Revenue Agency data that appears on my Impact Page on CanadaHelps.org?

The Canada Revenue Agency data that appears on your charity’s Impact Page cannot be removed, updated, customized or hidden by your charity or CanadaHelps. You have the option to add more information such as testimonials, your impact story, programs and results, and that information will appear directly above and below the data from Canada Revenue Agency.

The Canada Revenue Agency data on my Impact Page is out of date or incorrect. What should I do?

The data appears exactly as shown on the Canada Revenue Agency website. If the data is out of date or incorrect, please update the data directly with Canada Revenue Agency. Please note that there is a delay between your charity’s submission to Canada Revenue Agency and the availability of such data to CanadaHelps. For more information on how to update your data with CRA, please visit the CRA website.