Make it Monthly

By Making it Monthly, you are enabling charities to
feed a childmaintain park trailsprovide shelterAnd more!

In March, Make it Monthly for your favourite charities by setting up a new monthly donation of $20 or more, and CanadaHelps will add on an extra $20*.

Already donating monthly? Increase the impact of your existing monthly gift by $10 or more, and CanadaHelps will add on an extra $10*


How to get your monthly gift matched?

  1. Choose any of Canada’s 86,000 charities or causes important to you
  2. Click Donate Monthly in the Donate to this Charity section
  3. Enter $20 or more as the donation amount for new monthly donations OR top-up your existing monthly donations by $10 in your donor account*

A Netflix Subscription

Provides 1 hour of trauma counselling for refugees
Supplies two anti-malaria nets for children in Africa
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Average Monthly Gift

Ensure family pets in low-income homes are fed for a month
Protects a parcel of habitat for the Western Screech Owl
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Charity Champion

Fuels female entrepreneurship in developing countries
Feeds a homeless child in a Canadian city for a month
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Support a Cause Fund

Discover a new, easy way to make a difference. When you donate to a Fund, your donation will make a broad and lasting impact by supporting a number of registered charities working towards the same cause.

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Your impact in action: A charity benefiting from monthly gifts



From the ease of tracking to enabling more effective planning for charities, explore all the advantages of monthly giving.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Make it Monthly Get started?

Make it Monthly was started to encourage donors to kickstart a more intentional and strategic giving journey as we approach budget refreshes near tax time.

By making it monthly, donors spread out their donations over the course of the year, rather than making a one-time donation, which can make it easier to budget for giving. All-while providing a steady source of funding for charities to rely on! The best of both worlds!

Who started Make it Monthly?

Make it monthly was started by CanadaHelps.

When is Make it Monthly usually run?

Make it Monthly runs for the duration of every March.

If I donate monthly, do I get my tax receipt monthly?

By default, you will receive a cumulative tax receipt of the total value of monthly donations made that year at the start of the new year.

If you require a tax receipt for donations made so far in the year or want a receipt right away, you can log into your donor account access the “Donations & Receipts” tab, and click on the “Generate Receipt” button to create a tax receipt for all the donations thus far.