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In today’s digital world, continuous improvement is critical to ensuring maximum donations. At CanadaHelps, we pay hyper attention to how visitors interact with our form and the latest in e-commerce best practices—so you don’t have to. Your forms are optimized for maximum donations.

Enhanced Styling for our Traditional One Page Forms – Available Now
On our upgraded One Page Donation Forms, you’ll find fewer form section headers and more efficient use of space so your form feels more approachable and easier to complete to your donors. Be sure to check out your forms on mobile. Watch for a big lift in the number of visitors who complete their donations as a result of these small changes.

Fresh, New Look for Automated Emails – Available Now
Removing non-essential copy and moving to a more subtle colour palette, our automated emails for Customizable Donation Forms have a fresh, new look that puts your brand in the spotlight. This includes one-time donation emails, monthly donation emails and eCard emails sent to eCard recipients. Go ahead and see some samples below.

Modern Makeover to Charity Admin – Available Now
We know design matters to Charity Administrators just as much as it does to donors. That’s why our highly talented designers introduced a modern, upgraded look for when you are creating or editing Customizable Donation Forms. The new accordion style layout makes it easier for you to set up your donation form in just a few simple steps.



When it comes to forms that get donation results, time and time again, e-commerce testing shows less is more, simple is best. This year, we revisited simplicity and have stepped it up for our donors and our charity partners, too!

Multi-Step Donation Forms – Available Now
Our new Multi-Step Forms will guide your donors along the path to completing their donation. By presenting just a few questions at a time, your donors won’t ever feel overwhelmed by too many questions up front. Whether you choose to embed our new Multi-Step Forms or the traditional One Page Forms on your site, you’ll benefit from maximum branding flexibility.

Express Checkout – Available Now
When donors already have a CanadaHelps account, our system will detect it and give donors the option to check out faster by entering their CanadaHelps password.

Educational Tips from CanadaHelps – Available Now 
Stay tuned for educational tips about using CanadaHelps Customizable Donation Forms. Tips will be available in your Charity Admin dashboard and can be hidden as needed.


At CanadaHelps, we love data and use it in almost everything we do to increase our impact. Now it’s your turn: turn on our new Smart Sums technology and grow your gift size. We’ve also included a couple of “Duh ” features. You know, features like the ability to turn off tax receipts or add offline donations to your fundraising progress that will be so useful you’ll wonder how you lived without them!

Smart Sums – Available Now
Turn on our new Smart Sums technology and grow your average donation gift size! Our new Smart Sums technology (algorithms) will automatically present optimized suggested donation amounts to your donors customized for one-time versus monthly donations, and updated throughout the year to reflect seasonal variances in donations. Smart Sums are specific to your charity if your charity has received a sufficient number of donations through CanadaHelps for us to do so. Otherwise, they are reflective of the giving behaviour of charities doing similar work and of a similar size to your organization.

No Tax Receipt Option – Available Now
In some cases, your charity may not want tax receipts issued for donations. Soon you’ll be able to turn off tax receipting with the click of a button for any of your donation forms. Our forms will automatically include a message ensuring it is clear to the donor that a tax receipt will not be provided.

Add Offline Donations – Available Now
When you choose to display your fundraising progress on your One Page Donation Forms, you’ll be able to add offline donations for a more accurate representation of your progress.

Option to Collect Phone Number and/or Email Opt-in – Available Now

Easily grow your donor database by allowing your donors to opt-in for your charity’s emails and provide a phone number. Then, nurture donors who have given you their consent by sharing with them the impact of the generous donations they’ve made.


We know through testing that often very simple forms of personalization can significantly improve results. Tribute Donations are highly personal in nature and a major focus for us this year in delivering a more personalized experience to your donor.

Tribute First Donation Forms – Available Now
Roughly 8% of one-time donations include a Tribute or Memorial Gift. It’s important to ensure your Ways to Give page calls out that you support Tribute Gifts. But, don’t stop there. Deliver a contextualized, relevant experience to your donors by taking them to a tribute giving form right up front so they feel confident that in addition to donating to your charity, they can send a beautiful and personalized message to a loved one.

Custom Thank You Messages – Available Now 
Your custom thank you message that’s included in monthly donation confirmation emails can now vary from one-time donation confirmation emails, allowing for even more personalization!

New Printed and Scheduled eCard Experience – Coming this Summer
Donors will be able to get the convenience of printing a beautiful high-resolution copy and delivering it themselves. If they prefer to have their eCard sent via email as usual, they’ll have the option to choose the send date.

Bright and Beautiful eCard Designs – Available Now
We’ve introduced a vibrant selection of eCard designs to give your donors even more options when donating in honour or memory of a loved one. And don’t forget, you can always upload your own custom eCards with the option of hiding eCards provided by CanadaHelps.

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