Empower Your Third Party Fundraisers with Powerful Online Tools

Birthdays, memorials, gala dinners and virtual events are just some of the popular occasions people leverage to independently host fundraisers for the causes they love. With CanadaHelps, you can give your supporters the tools they need to successfully host third party fundraisers, also known as Do-it-yourself events, on your charity’s behalf.


With CanadaHelps’ Third Party Fundraising tools, your charity can:

  • Empower your individual and corporate supporters to fundraise.
  • Launch your online third party fundraising page in minutes.
  • Watch your supporters easily signup and create their fundraising pages.
  • Choose the colours that match your brand.
  • Ready-to-go images and banners to choose from.
  • Get funds automatically disbursed to your bank account.
  • Count on us for automatic tax-receipting.
  • Use built-in email messaging to communicate with your fundraisers.
  • Download donor and donation reports for upload to your CRM platform.
  • Add custom signup questions and Terms and Conditions.
  • Manage your flexible campaign-approval settings based on your comfort.

An extension of the CanadaHelps Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising Solution for launching your charity’s team-based events, the third party fundraising feature provides you with all the same robust branding, reporting and administrative controls, but with the refined feature set and controls you need to easily empower your supporters to raise money for your organization all on their own.

For expert tips and advice on launching your Third Party Fundraising program, watch our webinar with guest presenter, Kim Fuller from Phil Communications.

It’s easy to get started!

Access the Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising Solution available in your CanadaHelps Full Fundraising account and choose “Create a Third Party P2P Campaign” to deploy your campaign.

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In the age of digital and social media, individuals are more empowered than ever to support causes dear to their heart by hosting their own in-person or virtual fundraisers. Is your organization doing everything it can to encourage your supporters to become fundraisers for your cause? In this guide, you will learn how your charity can benefit from volunteer third party fundraising, how to set up your own program and how to effectively engage your supporters to participate.
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