Tribute-First Donation Form

1. Launch a Tribute-First Form. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

With our Customizable Donation Forms, your charity has the flexibility to place tribute giving at the very top of the form so it’s the first thing donors see. It’s the perfect form to use when promoting Tribute Giving from your Ways to Give page and in relevant appeals.

  1. Go to the Donate Now tab in your Full Fundraising Account to create a new form.
  2. Choose One Page Form with Tribute First from the Form Type drop-down menu.
  3. Choose your colours, add images and custom e-cards, set suggested donation amounts and more!
  4. Embed your form directly on your mobile-optimized website or link to it from the Make a Tribute Gift button on your site.

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Tribute Giving Tablet

2. Upload Your Charity’s Custom eCards (Optional)

Let your donors choose from a variety of beautiful eCards to include in the recipient’s email message. To upload your custom eCards, go to the Brand eCards area when setting up a Customizable Donation Form and use the image upload tool.

Need beautiful images? Try or for high-resolution images that are free for commercial and non-commercial use.


3. Promote Tribute Giving on Your Website

Did you know that tribute gifts account for 8% of donations made through CanadaHelps? It’s no secret that donors value the opportunity to give in honour or memory.

If you don’t have one yet, consider adding a Ways to Give page to your website that suggests all the ways to give such as making a tribute gift, signing up as a monthly donor, volunteering, etc. Use this page to promote and link to your new Tribute-First Donation Form.

Promote Tribute Giving

4. Embed Your Form on Your Website

Is your website mobile optimized? Then, just like we recommend you embedding your primary donation form that your Donate Now button in your main website navigation points to, we recommend embedding your Tribute First form so that information on Tribute Giving on your Ways to Give page will point to it.

After you create and save your form, go back to the Donate Now tab and locate your form. You can embed your donation form directly on your website so donors never have to leave. Click Embed to copy the embed code and paste it on your site.

To get the website URL of your donation form, click URL.

Tribute Giving Embedded Form

5. Get Started!

If you already have a Full Fundraising Account, simply log into your Charity Admin account and go to the Donate Now tab. Click the Create a New Form button to get started.

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