A Solution to Challenges Facing Nonprofit Organizations Today

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The challenges faced by nonprofits can be summed up in one word; funding. This barrier and associated trends were expanded upon in a blog post from the Small Business Accelerator program at the University of British Columbia:

  • Stress continued to be a challenge for employee retention
  • The growing demand for goods and services was going to be difficult to meet in the future, and as the demand increased so did the stress level
  • Labour and skill shortages in the nonprofit industry are a reality and with limited financial means it will be difficult to retain skilled employees.

According to an article published in ‘The Philanthropist’, there are five emerging trends surfacing in Canada’s nonprofit industry:

(1) New leadership development and capacity-building opportunities for Canada’s sector leaders;
(2) Increased emphasis on ”decent work” and best practices in human resources;
(3) Social finance and social innovation tipping point;
(4) Increased reliance on shared platforms and administrative outsourcing to weather a challenging economy; and
(5) New frontiers for technology and data management that can help organizations maximize their impact and increase efficiency.

To innovate and keep up with the changes in the national and international economies, nonprofits must seriously evaluate advances in the labour market. Efficiency and technological growth need to be prioritized in the workplace and incorporated into their fundraising efforts to emulate industries external to the nonprofit sector.

Like any newly implemented changes, development at a smaller scale can decrease internal and external apprehension. Online raffles are a savvy and convenient shift towards electronic initiatives and are an alternative to traditional paper raffles. They embrace technological advances, increase organizational efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens.

Bringing raffles online has opened up a brand new market in Canada. Government regulations vary by province. Checking with your governing regulator is strongly encouraged before initiating the process. CRA guidelines around online raffles parallel those of paper ticket raffles in terms of receipting. The donation is considered a gift, the qualified donee can issue a receipt to the donor but when a donor receives an advantage in return for a donation, all or part of the donation may no longer qualify as a gift. The chance to win a raffle prize is an advantage and therefore the ticket is not eligible for a tax receipt.

Marketing and sharing your cause is as simple as pasting a link and distributing to your existing email list and promoting via social media to supercharge your raffle sales and gain exposure for your cause. Running your raffle online simplifies every facet of your campaign; from lottery application process, financial tracking, and oversight of your raffle through an online portal and dashboard that can be accessed from any mobile device. With your raffle page only a click away and a simple purchasing process, it is easier than ever for your fans to support your cause.

Online raffles are an excellent addition to an existing event and are capable of running as a standalone campaign. The raffle can take place as a ‘Split the Pot’ or as a ‘Prize Draw’. This method of fundraising is not industry-specific and can be seamlessly linked to activity; from golf tournaments to galas. Three case studies below depict three entirely different campaigns with one similarity; success.

Integrating changing technology doesn’t have to be intimidating, especially when it can benefit your organization and its fundraising efforts. Gradual implementation of user-friendly advancements is a stress-free way to bring your organization into the 21st century while leaping over the most daunting hurdle faced by nonprofits today; funding.

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Karly is a Customer Success Analyst at Funding Change and a freelance Campaign Advisor. She is responsible for Chain for Change – a record breaking fundraiser in support of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation that raised over $145,000 and the ‘Winnipeg is Good’ sweater campaign in support of Siloam Mission that raised over $11,000.

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