FREE Webinar + Workbooks: It’s Time to Get Comfortable with Data!

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Get Instant Access to the Webinar, Action Plan, Workbooks and More! Learn at your own pace, online.

Data has the power to provide invaluable insights that can transform your organization and grow your fundraising results. Designed specifically for professionals working in the charitable sector with beginner to intermediate experience working with data, the on-demand webinar will begin with a Data 101 crash course and then dive into the steps required to plan, prepare and execute your data strategy.

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What you’ll get:

  • 40-Minute Webinar: How to Create a Data Plan
  • Talking Impact with Furniture Bank
  • Using Data to Grow Your Fundraising with Angela Kostenko, Senior Manager, eCommerce Marketing at CanadaHelps
  • Video Case Studies: Global Medic and Pathways to Education
  • Data Action Plan Workbook
  • Data Collection Plan Tool


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