Now Your Donors Can Donate Without Ever Leaving Your Site!

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Embed-CDN_3Now, you can integrate your charity’s customizable donation form from CanadaHelps into your website pages. It’s as easy as copy and paste!

  • Your branding and customization options are fully maintained
  • It’s easy! Simply copy and paste the code onto the desired page of your site
Watch our short video to learn how.

We recommend that if you are embedding your donation page, you do so on a secure page of your website. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

If you haven’t yet created a customizable donation form to embed, watch our how-to video to learn how! You can create unlimited Custom Donate Now forms and we only charge a low non-commercial rate of 3.5%, including credit card fees.

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2 Responses to “Now Your Donors Can Donate Without Ever Leaving Your Site!”

  1. Tiana Richer

    Hello, I have tried this and the embedded donation link will not work on our WordPress website. Is this a compatibility issue? Or can it/will it be resolved?

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  2. Rachel

    How do I get the embed code for the French version of my custom donate now page? There is only one code and it’s for the English version of the page.


     •  Reply