NEW: Peer-to-Peer Platform Upgrades You’ve Been Waiting For

You Asked and We Listened!

When we launched our peer-to-peer fundraising platform last year, we promised we’d continue to build and improve on it. Now you can:

Add offline donations. Do you receive some of your campaign’s donations offline? This handy feature allows you to add your offline donations so you and your supporters can have a more accurate representation of your fundraising progress. Previously only team captains had access to this feature.

Add and remove individual fundraisers from teams. Whether you need to assign an individual fundraiser to a new team or remove them from one, this can be easily done in the “Participants” tab of your P2P campaign.

To add offline donations, simply go to your “Donations” tab in your P2P campaign and click the “Add Offline Donation” button as seen in the screenshot below.
Add Offline Donations to P2P Screenshot
To add and remove individual fundraisers from teams, go to the “Participants” tab of your P2P campaign, select the individual(s) from the list, select “Move Participant” from the drop-down menu, and re-assign them.

Move participants p2p

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