The “$3 Support CanadaHelps” Ask is Now Optional for Embedded Donation Forms

Recently, we introduced new features for customizable donation forms including the ability to embed your form into your website and optimize it for monthly donations. And now, to offer you even more flexibility, you have the option to remove the “$3 Support CanadaHelps” ask from your donation form. To turn off this module, access your donation form’s settings in the Donate Now tab of your CanadaHelps Full Fundraising account.

$3 Ask









What is the impact of the “$3 Support CanadaHelps” ask?

The “Support CanadaHelps” ask helps us fund the development of new tools and solutions, and helps us maintain low rates. Marina Glogovac, President and CEO at CanadaHelps, describes its impact in a letter to charities. Read Our Letter

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