FREE Webinar: CanadaHelps’ Fundraising Solutions for Charities

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Grow your online fundraising strategy with tools from CanadaHelps.

Fundraising SolutionsFundraising is not just a back-end strategy to increase your charitable donations. A well-thought-out fundraising plan can increase your charitable brand, bring awareness to your cause, and engage your donors. In an increasingly digital era, it is extremely important to be able to share your charitable purpose with an audience who cares. CanadaHelps provides online, secure, and easy-to-use fundraising solutions to connect your charity to donors.

In this free webinar on Wednesday, July 13, Matt Gontovnick, Charity Engagement Specialist at CanadaHelps, will walk through three key product offerings from CanadaHelps:

  • Customizable Donation Forms
  • Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising
  • Events Management Solution

Gain a deeper understanding about these three tools, and how to utilize them to grow donations for your organization.

CanadaHelps Fundraising Solutions for Charities Slides


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About the Presenter

Matt Gontovnick, Charity Engagement Specialist, CanadaHelps
Matt Gontovnick is the charity engagement specialist with, Canada’s leading charity that brings together charities, donors, and advisors online. He works with small to medium sized charities across Canada to help them with their online fundraising strategy. Bringing on new charities and breaking down all the platforms CanadaHelps offers, so charities can get the most value using the tools offered by CanadaHelps.


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One Response to “FREE Webinar: CanadaHelps’ Fundraising Solutions for Charities”

  1. Katherine

    HI, I have a follow-up question to the webinar. Is there a cap on the 4.5% per transaction fee on the event page? If someone buys a table or makes a larger donation on top of the event ticket will there still be a 4.5% fee on the total amount or is it capped at certain max amount (e.g. one of the services I’ve used had the following charges: non-profit reduced fee 3.0% + CA$0.60 per ticket with a maximum fee of CA$13.00 per ticket). Also, can the donor/ticket buyer select to pay via cheque and still register the event page?

    Thank you,


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