Webinar: Recruit & Manage Skilled Volunteers

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How to Recruit and Manage Skilled Volunteers for Your Charity

Skilled volunteers are professionals who generously offer their expertise in the fields they specialize in, such as human resources, governance, fundraising, strategy and accounting. Getting help from skilled volunteers can greatly benefit your organization, but recruiting and managing volunteers can be a lot of work, especially for smaller charities. Before diving in, it’s recommended you have a solid plan in place so you can gain the most value from the opportunity.

Join Lelia MacDonald from MAS (Management Advisory Service) and learn:

  • Where to find skilled volunteers
  • When to engage them based on your organization’s needs and bandwidth
  • How to manage skilled volunteers to ensure a positive experience for all involved


Click Here to download the FREE White Paper provided by MAS.

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One Response to “Webinar: Recruit & Manage Skilled Volunteers”

  1. Mirella Martin

    I found the webinar series by Lelia Macdonald helpful. As an ED, and founder of a small charity its encouraging to know that help is available to non-profits. Nice to know that there are skilled and talented individuals who are willing to give of their time! Thank you for what you do for charities.

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