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ELECT-0056-LOGO1The April 4 provincial election will be Saskatchewan’s largest electoral event. The election not only affords an opportunity for workers to give back to their community, but a chance to raise funds for their registered charity.

The April election requires 10,000 people to work in 61 constituencies across the province to serve Saskatchewan’s 815,000 eligible voters. For the first time, any election worker can choose to donate their election day pay directly to a registered charity of their choice.

How it works

Election workers will have the option to donate a percentage of their net pay to any one of the more than 86,000 registered Canadian charities (4,314 in Saskatchewan) through CanadaHelps. During their election training session workers will be able to indicate if they wish to donate all or a portion of their pay to a registered charity. CanadaHelps will then direct donations on behalf of the election worker and issue tax receipts by email after the election.

Expressing your interest to work is easy

Talk to the members in your registered charity about registering your interest to work. Go online at www.elections.sk.ca/takepart, or call 1-877-958-8683 to sign up individually. It takes just a minute to leave your name and contact information. Check out this video on the types of election worker jobs:

Saskatchewan has such a strong history of its people giving back to their communities. Elections SK in partnership with CanadaHelps is pleased to offer a great way to take part as an election worker in the 28th General Election and support a registered charity.

Elections Saskatchewan is the province’s independent, impartial, professional election management body. Given a mandate from the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, it organizes, manages and oversees provincial electoral events, including the April 4, 2016 general election. Information for voters, workers, media, candidates and parties at www.elections.sk.ca.





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