In Conversation With Bill Drayton

Last night, we had the opportunity to attend a special speaking event with Ashoka founder Bill Drayton. Presented by MaRS Discovery District, Social Innovation Generation and Ashoka Canada, the event was an open dialogue with Bill on social innovation, social entrepreneurship and building a future world of changemakers.

Bill Drayton pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship, and according to him it’s not enough to be happy in the game of life; we must constantly be reinventing the game. This mindset is what has led to Ashoka Fellows all over the world working to solve social problems through innovation. To say the least, the talk was fascinating and thought provoking, and thanks to the world of social media, many of the points were captured through #IASI14.

If you’re new to Ashoka and the changemaker concept, you may want to start by reading our Giving Life series “Ashoka Fellows: Social Innovation Demystified”. This collaborative series highlights some of the amazing work being done in Canada by Ashoka Fellows – all changemakers.

If you are familiar with the changemaker concept, enjoy some of our favourite points from last night, captured through social media and the hashtag:

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