There has been a lot missing this summer. Disappearing everywhere online are A’s, O’s, and B’s from tweets, and messages all over social media. With 20,000 blood donation registrations needed, the Canadian Blood Services have launched the #MissingType campaign to remind Canadians how important it is to give the gift of life and donate blood. By removing the A’s, O’s, and B’s from online messages to represent the three blood groups, the global campaign is working to educate and encourage Canadians to register as blood donors—after all, what would happen if your blood type were to disappear?

“People rarely think about their blood type, most Canadians don’t even know theirs! But if that ‘type’ was to go missing in everyday life, people would start to pay closer attention to the need for blood.”
—Canadian Blood Services

And the CanadaHelps team knows how important it is to give! A few of our team members visited Canadian Blood Services earlier this month as part of our regular staff visits to donate.


To learn more about Canadian Blood Services, or to make a donation, please visit their Charity Profile Page >>

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