Children in the Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake

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This post was provided by Toni Thomson, Founder, Possible Worlds Foundation, as part of our coverage of Nepal Earthquake Relief.



Deeply saddened by the loss of life and destruction from the massive earthquake that hit Nepal, Possible Worlds is working directly with our team on the ground in Nepal to provide immediate and long-term support for the 140 children we care for in Kathmandu, and aid to remote villages.


The situation in Nepal is devastating with an estimated 8.1 million people in need of humanitarian assistance such as medical supplies, food, water, and shelter.  At night, families have been sleeping outdoors for safety from continuing aftershocks. Thousands of people have been displaced. Unfortunately the monsoon season is quickly approaching, and conditions at night are damp and cold, making people increasing vulnerable to infections. Lack of clean water and petrol are concerns, as well as disease (cholera, dysentery, and typhus) due to contaminated water and unsanitary situations.

There is also fear that children may be exploited and trafficked by those willing to take advantage of their vulnerability during this time. Due to extreme poverty in Nepal, young children work alongside their parents, often enduring hard labour. Girls as young as six are sold by poor families to work as domestic servants. Many of these children endure abuse, are alienated from others, and do not have an opportunity to attend school.

We are doing everything we can to keep our family safe and healthy, and are proud to work with local NGO Nepal Orphans Home, where our children reside.

The need is great in what was already one of the world’s poorest countries.  Many lives have been lost and thousands still unaccounted for.  As a result, we have recently welcomed additional children into our family after being orphaned.

“Making Life Possible” through Education and Empowerment


Possible Worlds’ primary focus is to provide education, basic housing, nutritious food and medical care to children orphaned, abandoned or rescued from child slavery in Nepal.  We are also proud to support the reuniting of siblings, ensuring the togetherness of over fifty sisters and brothers to date.

Through Education & Empowerment in a safe and nurturing environment, our children have been thriving. Despite having missed many years of their childhood and schooling due to poverty, political conflicts, or child slavery, our children put their hearts and souls into their studies and many are at the top of their classes in school.  We are incredibly proud of them all.

Our Children’s Dreams

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A common dream amongst our children is to help others in need in their home country of Nepal.  Many share their desires to become doctors, social workers and engineers.  We have a few children who have received sports scholarships, while others share talents in music and art.   Thanks to the support of others, these children are becoming empowered and through education will be the future of Nepal.


The people of Nepal are resilient and have immense love for their children, however, due to the extensive devastation from the earthquake, they truly need help. With the support of our Canadian Government your donation will have double the impact until May 25th. *

Thank you everyone for keeping Nepal in your hearts & thoughts. Namaste & prayers for Nepal.

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To learn more about the Nepal Earthquake crisis and how you can help, please visit our Crisis Relief Centre»


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*Read full details of the Government Matching here» 

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