How This Frontline Worker Stays Positive During COVID-19

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This blog post was provided by Angela La Gamba from Providence Healthcare Foundation.

Dedication is the word that comes to mind when referring to Jeanne and her 31-year tenure at the Houses of Providence. Jeanne is a registered nurse who has spent her entire career in long-term care. She loves this area of nursing and admits that given the home-like environment and longer duration of stay, the dynamics of long-term care differ from other aspects of healthcare. Jeanne’s sense of duty is clear during her time spent looking after the well-being of residents. “Long-term care is a part of who I am,” Jeanne shared.

Jeanne, Registered Nurse in the Houses of Providence

With the onset of COVID-19 there have been many changes at Providence Healthcare. Jeanne stays onsite longer in order to complete everything required of her and she has had to adjust to the new personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols in place. “It is hard for the residents to see the emotional part of our daily care because of the PPE, but safety comes first,” says Jeanne.

As a respected facility, the staff in the Houses of Providence do their part to maintain its high standards. One thing which has not changed is the care and concern Jeanne and the other staff members at Providence have for the residents. Despite many having to take on extra roles to cover staffing shortages, the team work together to stay positive and ensure that residents are well taken care of. This care is reciprocated by the residents and their families who constantly check in on the well-being of the staff. “This is their home. Over time you get to know them, what makes them happy, their stories and their families…you become a part of their family.”

“This is their home. Over time you get to know them, what makes them happy, their stories and their families…you become a part of their family.” – Jeanne

Providence is on the frontline of the battle against COVID-19 as seniors living in long-term care are the most vulnerable. The Houses of Providence, home to nearly 300 residents, have been affected by this terrible virus and many measures have been put in place to protect residents and staff.

The uncertainty of the pandemic has affected Jeanne but she continues to take the necessary precautions and has been tested for COVID-19 a number of times. Her fear of potentially contracting the virus and spreading it to her loved ones or the residents is a great concern. Despite this, Jeanne fulfills her roles of wife, mother and registered nurse while following the required protocol and having the support of her loved ones, “an understanding and supportive family makes a big difference,” Jeanne said.

COVID-19 has brought about a number of challenges, and staff are doing all they can to protect the residents and bring them positivity and joy. The happiness and comfort of the residents is very important and is what motivates Jeanne daily.

“I am here because they need me,” said Jeanne. “This is their home – they love it here and so do I.”

How Providence Healthcare Foundation Helps

Since 1987, Providence Healthcare Foundation has worked with generous donors and the community to raise essential funds for Providence Healthcare in Toronto. We are one of the few Canadian charities to achieve the prestigious accreditation from Imagine Canada’s Standards Program.

At Providence Healthcare, a part of Unity Health Toronto, we are leaders in providing rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care, and community programs. Within our care, adults of all ages rehabilitate after strokes, orthopedic surgery, lower limb amputations or other complex medical conditions associated with aging. Our strength is providing compassionate care when and where it matters most.

In our Hospital, more than 5,000 people benefit from our innovative approaches each year. Our Ambulatory Services and Clinics promote ongoing recovery, healthy living, and sustained well-being to people in the GTA and beyond.

In our long-term care home, the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence, we are home to 288 residents. With a focus on quality of life and the implementation of best practices, the Houses provide the highest standards of comfort, care and safety for our residents.

At Providence we exist to inspire strength in our patients and community. 

If you can support frontline workers and healthcare heroes, like Jeanne, who selflessly go above and beyond to provide compassionate care to those who call Providence home, donate to Providence’s COVID-19 Relief Fund to help our staff provide ongoing support to Providence residents during this trying time.

Learn more and make a donation in support of Providence Healthcare Foundation today.

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