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Charity Spotlight: The blog post was provided by Gini Green, the Founder of Pilots N Paws Canada, as part of our ongoing charity spotlight series.

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Pilots N Paws Canada started out in 2012 to help Canadian rescues and shelters with dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, but in just four years, we have expanded our free transportation to other wildlife including 14 pound snapping turtles, falcons, Snowy Owls, small endangered birds, and many other rescue animals we never had expected to help when we first started. Our volunteers have driven and flown over a thousand companion and wildlife animals to get them the help they need and give them the chance at a better life. At Pilots N Paws Canada, we provide free transportation for rescue groups in Canada that do not have the means to get animals to rehabilitation treatment, medical assistance, fosters, and larger populated regions where they could have a better chance at adoptions.

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So what does that mean to animals? Our services allow injured animals, sometimes from remote communities, to undergo lifesaving surgeries and then return back to the region they came from to be released into the wild as they should be. This means that overburdened Canadian shelters get a chance to transport healthy, adoptable pets that would have had their survival threatened if they remained in their sparsely populated regions. We transport them to areas that have Canadians looking for a new member of their family, giving the animal a chance at a new life.

So how does Pilots N Paws Canada offer free transportation for animals? We reach out and find willing volunteers across Canada who are able to help. As a registered charity, we are able to provide tax receipts to the pilots for covering the costs that make these flights free, and we have a trained team of transport coordinator volunteers stationed across Canada that help us transport the animals we help in a safe and responsible way.  Plus, they do it all at no charge.

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Pilots N Paws Canada is 100 percent Canadian run and the work we do is funded by donations. Although we originally called what we do, Keeping the Fur Flying, we have become so much more by helping so many more animals in need to help keep the fur, feathers and fins flying.

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  1. Jack W. Cates

    I love you guys,, Jack Cates Calgary

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  2. Yvette

    You are all amazing. Thank you for the compassion you display and are committed to – for all that you do!

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