Dylan’s Story

After growing up in spite of a variety of challenges, Dylan Forseth is now focused on giving back. Raising money for Live Different in preparation for his trip to the Dominican Republic to make a big difference, this is Dylan’s giving story.

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It wasn’t always easy for my five siblings and I growing up. We definitely had our share of tough times as siblings and as a family. We have seen addiction tear our family apart financially, emotionally, and mentally. There were days we didn’t have food in the house, and there were days I thought we would lose the one’s we loved to the horrible disease.

I have been through a lot in my 21 years, but it has only inspired me to give back and always lend a helping hand where I can. I know struggle, but I don’t know struggle in comparison to what people without a roof over their head experience, or people who can barely afford to feed their families, and for this reason, this is why I want to go and lend a helping hand in a place where they need it the most.Giving back whenever and wherever I can is the least I can do for the world and the gracious people who helped me through the toughest times of my life.

When I was offered the opportunity to travel down to the Dominican Republic for nine days to help construct several homes for families in a rural, impoverished community, I knew I wanted to go. Taking part in amission trip has always been a dream of mine as helping people is one of my greatest passions. Going on a trip like this always seemed out of reach being a student and living on my own, however, with the help of others, I am turning this dream into a reality through CanadaHelps.

Why the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is an island located in the Caribbean on the same island as Haiti. The Dominican Republic is a popular vacation and tourist destination, however, many people don’t see the hardships the country faces. More than one third of the entire country lives in poverty, and they struggle to produce agriculture and live in a natural disaster hot spot.

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In 2010, Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. It caused damage to the whole island including the Dominican Republic, including structural damage. In 2014, Hurricane Cristobal also hit the Dominican Republic, causing at least four deaths, and more than 800 homes were damaged during the storm. This is just one of many hurricanes this island has seen over the years, and because of all of the devastation, I am compelled to help.

Why is This Important to Me?

The opportunity to build a home for a family, gift them with furniture, and groceries, bring them education and happiness and help set them up for future success is definitely something I am meant to do, and has always been so important to me.


Structural conditions are deteriorating, agriculture is suffering, and people are starving. Families need a home—the same privilege we have here in Canada. Children need education and have the right to education—the same privilege we also. I am excited to travel to the Dominican Republic and help build these families what they need and deserve as human beings.

To learn more about Live Different, visit their Charity Profile Page. To learn more about Dylan’s trip, visit Dylan’s Fundraising Page >> 

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  1. Judy perkin

    Dylan we r so proud of you and what u have accomplished in your life even with the hardship that u kids all suffered grandpa and I luv u so much and couldn’t be more proud then we r of u. Luv u

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