Celebrating 30 Years of Being Green

This post was provided by Becky Block, Living Well Coordinator at Green Action Centre, as part of our featured series on the environment.


For the past three decades, Green Action Centre has been the go-to place for Manitobans seeking information on active transportation, waste reduction, composting, resource conservation and overall sustainability.  Our mission is dedicated to providing practical solutions to foster sustainable living.

Together, we have made significant strides to living green and living well, but our work is just as important today as it was in 1985.

Driving Change, Not Cars

For 16 years, Green Action Centre has been a host of the national Commuter Challenge – a friendly competition requiring participants to switch and ditch their cars for means of sustainable transportation for an entire week when commuting to and from work.

“The national event encourages everyone to try new, sustainable modes of transportation to and from work each day.  Perhaps you can start carpooling with a neighbour, or try out a cycle route that’s near your home, or walk – even part of the way,” says Jaret Olford, Commuter Challenge Coordinator.

In addition to participating in the Commuter Challenge, we invite you to support the ongoing work of Green Action Centre by visiting our charity profile to learn more about our organization, by becoming a member, or by purchasing a unique Living Green necklace handcrafted by Winnipeg-based designer Hilary Druxman.  Each necklace retails at $40.00, and proceeds support ongoing waste reduction and sustainable transportation projects at Green Action Centre. Each necklace epitomizes sustainable living as Druxman recycles and re-uses all scrap metals harvested from production – even the sweepings!

We are at a critical juncture in caring for our environment.  Our anniversary wish is to see more people hop on public transportation, ride a bike, or walk to their destination; to educate people when it comes to consumption patterns and to encourage people to support sustainable products. All of these activities support reinforcing the connection and higher message to respect our shared earth.


To learn more about the Green Action Centre, please visit their charity profile page >>


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