5 Compelling Reasons to Fundraise with CanadaHelps

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With several online crowdfunding platform options at your fingertips, why should you fundraise with CanadaHelps? We’re glad you asked. There are five important reasons. 

#1. It’s easy and impactful.

While it takes just minutes to create a CanadaHelps fundraising page in support of one or many charities, the result is a high impact page that will inspire your friends and family to support your drive.  Follow the simple steps to set a fundraising goal, tell your fundraising story, share why the cause matters, and include images and videos to even better connect with visitors to your page.  Once created, share your page with your family, friends, and coworkers on social media, by email, and word of mouth to guarantee a successful crowdsourcing fundraiser.

#2.  You’re protected. Donations to your fundraiser go directly to the charity.

Most crowdfunding platforms send the donations raised by the charity fundraiser directly to THEM and NOT to the charity they are fundraising for. That puts you and the fundraiser in a position of trust to ensure the funds are disbursed to the charity and accounted for. In the event of a dispute, the fundraiser must manage the situation. Not only is that an uncomfortable situation for you and the fundraiser, it may also make your friends, family and co-workers less inclined to give.

That issues goes away when you fundraise with CanadaHelps.  We disburse all donations directly to the charity that was selected by the fundraiser.

#3.  Your supporters will receive a charitable tax receipt.

When you fundraise with CanadaHelps, every one of your supporters will receive an instant charitable tax receipt. That’s not the case with most alternative crowdfunding platforms.

Tax receipts are a big deal to many Canadians. Our Canadian governments know that charitable work is key to making our communities, country, and world a better place and encourage all Canadians to give generously with sizable tax incentives of up to 53% back.  Choosing a platform that offers tax receipts can increase the number of people who donate and the size of the donation they make.

#4.  Lower fees means more money will go to your cause.

Because we are a charity, our non-commercial rates are lower than alternative for-profit solutions.

On average, only 1.8% of donations goes to CanadaHelps and we use that small fee to carry out our charitable mission of increasing giving in Canada, providing charities with affordable fundraising technology, and offering charities low-cost education. In contrast, alternative for-profit platforms take two or three times that amount. For example, Indiegogo takes 9% of donations if you don’t reach your goal and 4% if you do. And, their processing fees are also much higher. Indiegogo’s processing fees are between 3-5% while on average, CanadaHelps processing fees are just 2.2%.

So if you’re going to invest your efforts in a charitable fundraiser, wouldn’t you rather the hard earned money continue to benefit the charitable sector, instead of the for-profit industry?

#5.  You’re working with a trusted charity.

CanadaHelps is a charity helping charities and donors, and we’ve maintained a spotless record for safe and secure online donations since our launch over 14 years ago. Nearly one million donors have given through our platform, and more than 15,000 charities across the country rely on CanadaHelps to securely accept online donations. At CanadaHelps we value the trust Canadians and charities have in us, which is why we’re transparent, and take online security seriously.

So why should you fundraise with us? We think you now know the answer — we make giving simple.

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  1. Donna Tribe

    I think Canada Helps is terrific. I only wish I could afford to donate more money and then I could make much more use of your terrific, easy to use, website process for tax deductible donations!, Thank you a bunch for getting into this business and doing it right!

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